Discover the beauty of patterns

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There is nothing more extraordinary than patterns. Patterns are everywhere in nature and our eyes are so attracted by them that our brains have developed to see patterns everywhere. It seems that we humans are hard-wired to regard symmetry as central to our idea of aesthetic pleasure. And when it comes to hosiery, patterns are sensational! Why? It’s simple: because they can add character and edge to every outfit, transforming it from chic to whimsical, from romantic to dramatic and back.

The beauty of patterns together with the desire to give every woman the ability to express herself through leggings of extraordinary quality has led us to the decision to design and knit our own patterns. This process is long, detailed and elaborate, but at the same time inspiring, creative and fueled by imagination: keep reading to learn everything about Sguardisegreti’s  pattern production!

Pattern design: bringing ideas to life

It all starts from our designers and stylists. To get a behind the scenes view of the creative process, try to think of colors, textures, imaginary places, history and patterns in nature. With these powerful images and always keeping in mind the beauty and character of the modern woman, creation takes place and designs are drawn and redrawn, until the creative genius is satisfied.

However, this is only the beginning of that long and elaborate process that will bring those beautiful designs to life. In that process, sketches, ideas and fantasies gain physicality and are transformed into stockings, leggings and tights that will fuel the imagination of every lady. A transformation that requires innumerate techniques and guarantees comfort quality and endurance.

Next in the funnel, the designs are given to the technical designer and then they’re modified and perfected. This operation is necessary for the design to be processed by the software that runs on the production machinery.

Preparing the machinery

It is high time to test everything: the modified design is now passed to the mechanic who feeds it into the software and tests it. Almost always there is a need to further clean slight imperfections, this way we ensure that the final product will not only stay real to the imagination of the designers, but will above all be perfect when in the hands (or more precisely in the legs!) of every modern woman.

After this part, the mechanic is ready to build a “chain”.
In the jargon of our industry, the chain is the complete structure of the hosiery or stocking: strap, bodice, leg ankle and foot, with all the patterns repeated in the leg. Based on the chain, the machine is then prepared for production from a mechanical point of view.
Each process requires a specific set-up of the machine. This detailed process combined with the finest yarns that we use ensures high quality of construction which means the final product will be not only beautiful in every detail but also strong and comfortable.

The production process

When set to work, the machine produces continuously two separate tubes (left and right leg) which move to the next department where the tips of the stockings and leggings are sewed and later moved to a further department where it is assembled. The separate tubes of material are then sewn together to create mesmerizing hosiery.

And then the real alchemy begins. After assembly, the hosiery is brought to the ironing and then to the dyeing area where it undergoes a series of necessary treatments, such as:

  • Bleeding: the washing and cleaning of any oily residues
  • Anti-crushing or Punching: the treatment needed to avoid the peeling effect on natural fibers.

According to the product, numerous other treatments follow depending on its particularities and specifications (besides of course the dyeing).
After the treatments are finished, the product is finally ready! Next station is packaging and shipping.

Sguardisegreti: designing with love and dedication

This process of love and dedication, of taking the fantasy and imagination of our designers and transforming it into finished products, is the daily reality at Sguardisegreti. It may sound as a long and difficult process, but that’s what it takes to bring to life a product that will satisfy even the most demanding days of the women of character.

We love this process with all its difficulties and perks. It allows us to create our own woven patterns and to create beautiful, comfortable and trendy hosiery, along with glamorous designs with magnificent colors. But above all, it assures us that the final product is comfortable, strong, and smooth to the touch.