Fishnet stockings: the trend that is styling the streets

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings have been a symbol of sensuality and seduction, but in the modern society they are representing something new, something more. These alluring stockings are here to make a statement, to show personality and individual choice. Coming in all sorts of colors and patterns, fishnet stocking are becoming a symbol of female liberation in style and in opinion – giving the modern woman the freedom to be sensual and assertive at the same time.
And that is precisely why they couldn’t miss from our collection.

But how to wear fishnet stockings while keeping it classy?

A look back at the fishnets’ history

In a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, the king asked the clever daughter of a peasant: “Come to me not clothed, not naked, not riding…”. She solved the riddle by arriving in a fisherman’s net – revealing and concealing at the same time.

Cut to the 1930s: the iconic burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee often wore fishnet stockings in her performances to attract the eyes and a couple of decades later pinup girls like Bettie Page and Jayne Mansfield became well-known for their striking personal style: lots of fishnets, sheer fabrics and bikini tops. In the 70s, as rock and roll took over, a new punk culture emerged, and the fishnets became associated with denim, leather and heavy metal.

Today, fishnet stockings have occupied not only the runways of Paris, London, and Milan but have been seen styled for the street – to express individuality and confidence.

Fishnet stockings hold a unique place in fashion—they conceal and reveal at once. They represent allure and seductive femininity while they eschew utilitarianism and offer up something more paradoxical. And is precisely that paradox that catches all the eyes.

But all women know they’re not that easy to wear…

How to wear fishnets

The styling options for these patterned stockings and socks are vast and can help establish the personality every woman wishes to exude. We have seen the fishnet stockings in all variations, from feminine looks paired with floral dresses to punk looks with fishnets worn under leather skirts and denim shorts.

But how can you wear fishnets and stay chic and glamorous? Here are a few suggestions to add a touch of personality to each look!

Wear Fishnet Stockings with…Fur Coats
Playing with textures and layering thick, fur coats over delicate fishnets can create a stunning, bold outfit for any occasion. Choose a dark-colored fur to create sophistication and glamour. The best thing about fur and fishnets is versatility, therefore mix and match your outfit underneath as suited to your event.

Wear Fishnet Stockings with…Leather Skirts
Take a note from the punk era of the 1970’s and bring leather and fishnets together once again. For a modern, stylish interpretation, opt for a leather mini-skirt over fishnets, and balance with a high-necked woolen jumper. Your outfit stays chic and edgy rather than drifting into a rebel territory.

Wear Fishnet Stockings with…Denim Jeans
For an effortless, fresh look, add some edgy detail to your denim with a pair of fishnet stockings. Make sure they’re visible. Draw attention to your new nets by rolling up your hems or opting for distressed jeans with defined rips.

Wear Fishnet Socks or Stockings with…Floral Dresses

This romantic style is perfect to embrace your feminine side. Since you’re wearing floral, embrace the beauty of Spring and go for popping, bright colors. These will be beautifully accentuated by the black detailing of your stockings or socks.

Wear Short Fishnet Socks for Casual Styling

Socks are constantly lost, mismatched, and often seen as a necessity rather than a fashion accessory. Fishnet socks, however, are a different story. Elevate your everyday look with a pair of these casual, fishnet socks for an unexpected edgy detail.

Now you’re ready to use our styling tips and look glamorous in those fishnet stockings!
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