Sguardisegreti Speciali: beautiful creations with high-performance yarns

The Speciali collection of Sguardisegreti is dedicated to everyday life. As such, the collection features performance fibers. NILIT’s high-performance fibers enable the creation of tights, stockings and hosiery that provide extreme resistance, optimal support and flexibility. Through moisture management and anti-bacterial protection, NILIT fibers enhance performance and endurance. Due to unique technologies inherent in the fibers, the special properties remain effective for the life span of the garment and are ideal for all women who seek an active lifestyle.  

Here are some of the fibers that are used for the Special collection, their characteristics and benefits:

Active and outdoor lifestyles require high-performance clothing that act against the body’s odor for greater comfort, more safety and day and night clean feeling. Hosiery made from this fiber provides greater freshness through effective antibacterial action and promises greater safety through effective odor control.

The microfiber yarn offers a feeling of comfort and is ideal for outdoor clothing, underwear and sportswear. The NILIT BodyFresh yarn incorporated in hosiery keeps every woman safe throughout the day. It prevents the growth of bacteria that causes body odor and provides increased freshness. Perfect for the modern woman with a busy day and lifestyle!

Like a cup of espresso on a winter day, the NILIT Heat Nylon 6.6 yarn, made from coffee charcoal, warms up those who wear it by trapping the natural body temperature in the pantyhose, for maximum comfort and performance throughout the day. NILIT Heat is a unique yarn, created for natural insulation, to keep the legs warmer in cold temperatures. This exceptional fiber, offers superior thermal insulation and has anti-bacterial properties, a powerful deodorizing effect, and a sweat-free sensation, for maximum comfort and performance all day long.

It is ideal for hosiery tights and leggings, sportswear, and intimates and is exceptional during the winter months. Whether wearing a short skirt or going for a morning run in the nature, our ladies will never feel that cold again.

NILIT Innergy is the revolutionary yarn that offers cosmetic benefits, for a leaner body and smoother and tighter skin. This innovative nylon fiber 6.6 uses far infrared rays (FIR) to gently warm the deeper layers of the skin – toning the body and reducing the imperfections caused by cellulite. It reduces the orange peel effect substantially. The mineral additive found in the yarn converts the thermal energy of the human body into FIR and reflects it back to the skin tissues causing deep, gentle heating. The heat emitted by the fibers invigorates and energizes the body and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Being a microfiber, NILIT Innergy has a soft feel to the touch. It is perfect for creating shapers, hosiery and lingerie because of its cellulite appearance reduction properties and for use in any sports apparel as it relieves muscle fatigue during physical activities.

Nilit Aquarius is a new innovation in nylon 6.6. The moisture absorbed by the fibers makes the garments wet, heavy and very uncomfortable to wear. Today’s active lifestyle requires items that resist stress, are easy to maintain and keep the wearer comfortable.

Just like in the horoscope, Aquarius is the water carrier; Nilit Aquarius fibers keep moisture away from the skin. The fibers are extremely suitable for all types of sportswear and dance clothing. Ideal for the creative and active ladies this high-performance yarn is engineered to wick away moisture so the wearer feels dry and comfortable. Its hydrophilic attributes are intrinsic in the fiber and will not wear off even after repeated washings.

With a unique cooling effect and an ultra soft hand feel, NILIT Breeze helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature. It offers an ultra soft and smooth sensation on the body providing, at the same time, efficient ventilation and UV protection.

We chose these yarns for our Speciali collection as they give fabrics an extra soft feel and a natural second-skin effect. Hosiery knitted with NILIT yarn have a luminous luster, a luxurious feel and a beautiful drape that add softness, glamour and a touch of fashion.

The high performance yarns and our craftsmanship combined bring this great Special collection to the ladies who want to stay stylish even during the most demanding days. The imagination and creativity of our designers makes those legs look perfect and fashionable without compromising on comfort and hygiene.

Take a look at Sguardisegreti’s Special collection!